Newbie in Missouri

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Newbie in Missouri

Postby frskylzrd » Mon Jul 28, 2008 7:45 pm

Let me start with a tad bit of history. I'm a 35yr old wife and mom of 2 boys. I ALSO have Spinabifida, Myleoleningocyle (sp), at an L1-L2 level. (Paralyzed left foot and toes, decreased sensation calf down...etc). In all my multitudes of surgeries, I've come down/up with this now! My Dr's didn't actually diagnose it, I found it researching on the web. (My ortho actually told me that it was the fat settling in my calf due to "laziness". OMG!)
Anyway, I get ulcers on my heel on the same leg as the lymphedema. I have a HORRIBLE time getting them healed. I don't have a Dr or any medical pro that I see for the lymph, just my orthopedic. He debreeds and trouble-shoots me till I FINALLY heal. (sometimes/usually months).
I DO wear a custom Juzzo compression stocking knee down on this leg. (o yeah, latex allergy, too...).
I've read some of the postings on here and am curious if the ulcer is not healing due to lymph leaking???
ANY help or suggestions are SSOOOOO greatly appriciated!!! I feel very alone on this. (And my hubby's support is wonderful, but I'm sure it's growing thin.)
Please help me....
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Re: Newbie in Missouri

Postby patoco » Tue Jul 29, 2008 6:06 am

HI Angi

Super welcome to the family here :!: :!: :wink:

OMG....a doctor actually told you that :evil: :evil: must have better control then I do. I probably would have wound up on the 6:00 news. :roll:

There effect that lymphorrhea (lymph leakage) has on skin tissue absolutely will prevent wounds from healing. It has a very damaging effect.

How do you treat the wound other then debridement? What kind of wound bandage do you use?

Here is a page of the lymph leakage:

Lymphorrhea ... orrhea.htm

You might also be interested in reading through this page:

How to Treat a Lymphedema Wound ... dema_wound

A couple more thoughts too.

Can you pinpoint what may trigger these ulcerations? We need to find a way of preventing their occurence or at least in limiting them.

Also, that doc should know too that if you have a patient with our condition and they have a slow healing wound, a referral to a wound care clinic. They are usually great at helping with any type of wound and I had great fortune when I went to one years ago.

Look forward to hearing from you :!:

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