Too Many Hospital Stays with Cellulitis

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Too Many Hospital Stays with Cellulitis

Postby motherhen55 » Fri Jun 17, 2011 8:23 am

I am new to the forum and felt great comfort knowing that there are others out there that have the same problems with there legs like I do with Cellulitis and Lymphademia.When I first got Cellulitis I had great big blisters on the lower part of my leg. The hospital said that is the worst they have ever seen. I was admitted in the hospital and every time I'd get up I'd just cry and cry cause it hurt so bad. I over heard a nurse ask another nurse why I was crying out in the hall and she said it was because I was in so much pain. Taking Morphine shots before I got up to go to the bathroom didn't help at all. I thought I was dying as bad as I felt. My right leg is badly scared from the Cellulitis. Not a lot of feeling since that happened. Since then I have been fighting with Cellulitis and Lyphademia. Every couple of month I would go into the hospital for heavy duty antibotics to get me better. I normally go to Kettering Medical Hospital but one time I didn't and regret it. Went to a Hospital called Miami Valley Hospital and they put me in intensive care. Got up to go to the bathroom and ask the nurses to help me get my legs off and off the bed. The nurses wouldn't help with my legs. Tried to put my legs down and ripped a very big hole in the back of my leg.It about 8 inches long. Deep to the bone . So they wrapped it up and never heard anything else about my leg. Never seen the wound in the hospital at all until I got home. As you all know you can't stitch legs up with lympademia. Got out of that awful horrible hospital and 2 days later went to Kettering Medical Center. I was treated by a Dr Rank. He said I had a HUGE pus pocket in front of my leg. He did surgery on it and almost couldn't stop the bleeding with all lymphatic fluid. Gave me blood after surgery and picked up MESA and all the other infections in the back of my leg. Was in the hospital for 2 weeks and came home to be fitted with a wound vac for a year.From the front of my leg to the back of my leg to close the wound.In and out of the hospital every couple of months with cellulitis for about 3 years now. Met this doctor and he told me I can get VERY VERY VERY powerful antibotic every month for the rest of my life that should take away the cellulitis and if I have a break thru then all I have to do is call there office and they will treat me there at the office. PLEASE EVERYONE THAT HAS REOCCURRING CELLULITIS PLEASE LOOK INTO THESE SHOTS THEY HELP.They are helping me a lot .Have sores on both legs and are seeping and without these shots I'd probably be in the hospital by now.
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Re: Too Many Hospital Stays with Cellulitis

Postby patoco » Fri Jun 17, 2011 8:34 am gawd what a nightmare experience in a hospital. I've heard of being treated poorly, but I think your experience is just about the worse I've heard. How long did it take for that wound to heal?

I'm just so stunned when I read about lymphers experiences like this one. Why do we have to go through such garbage? Makes me totally angry and frustrated.

I hope these shots help, I know this preventative antibiotic regime has made all the difference for me. Anything to not have those attacks and to stay out of the hospital.

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