Flu Shots

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Re: Flu Shots

Postby patoco » Mon Jan 07, 2013 10:26 am

hey ArtzyMom123 :!:

Excellent question and one we need to think about as well. I get the flu shot every year and have never ever had the slightest bit of reaction to it.

I think it is safe enough for all of us to take. Because they are finding so many lymphedema patients also have supressed immune systems, it may well be very important for us to get these shots. This is especially true if we work, go out in public or basically have any other activity that puts us in contact with the potentiality of getting the "bug."

BTW, folks, I learned this the hard way. Don't be ashamed of walking away from those who are hacking, coughing and "urping." Don't be afraid either of telling them (politely now :wink: ) to "puleeze" stay away from you while they have the sickness. Done friendly enough, I have never had anyone get upset or throw a hissy fit from it. Better be safe then sorry.

Stay well - be healthy and have a wonderful 2013.

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