Lymphedema & Pain Meds

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Lymphedema & Pain Meds

Postby cjhurt92 » Thu Oct 15, 2009 12:36 am

My names Carlos im 17 and a Half and i was wondering what You guys do to manger the Awful pain? Ive got lymphedema 2 weeks before i turned 13 and threw out the years i had unbeliveable pain, I couldn't even explain it to the Docs. I went from taking tyleno to asprin,oxy, percocet, Oxy,Dilaudid,Morphine. And for each one I went to the Highest dose. (thankfuly i never got addicted to any) SO i tried everything. Nothing worked until they installed Intrathecal Pump (wich has Dilaudid) it helps out Allot. i havent had Really bad pain since i had it installed..once i awhile i have to take Morphine,But for the most part everthing is Much better. The Only Bad Thing is that you need to have it filled on time every six Otherwise You Will Go Into Withdraw...Wich Just Happend To Me last week. I was at Disney World For My "Make a Wish" and on the plane ride home i heard my pump beeping...I had totally forgot i had an appointment for that week. I didnt write it down cause my Doctors Office Usually Calls me to let me Know. So I ended Up Going Into Withdraw wich was Pretty Painful, It wasnt any walk in the Park.
It worries me that that happend. i feel wrong taking pain meds cause i know i that it could cause serious Complications In The Future, Plus all These Celebrities Over dosing from the same meds Im Taking. I hate them but need them...anyone feel this way?
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Re: Lymphedema & Pain Meds

Postby patoco » Thu Oct 15, 2009 8:57 am

Hi Carlos

I think all of us who have to take them feel that way. That's one reason I refused for so long to start. But the pain just finally got so back, it literally just robbed me of everything.

I've managed quite well now for about two years on the same doseage. I dread the day when I have to change as the thought of having to increase the strength doesn't make me very happy.

See if the docs can refer you to a pain clinic too that may have other ideas on coping with pain. That may help too.

The bad thing about sever pain is that if you do choose to ignore it, it will just eventually rob you of everything. I found out in a hard way the last couple years just why people shoot themselves to get away from the pain.

There's no need for anyone to get to that point.

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