Lymphedema from Neck Trauma?

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Lymphedema from Neck Trauma?

Postby patoco » Wed Jun 21, 2006 6:16 pm

Lymphedema from Neck Trauma?

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Originally Posted 02/16/2006 by Ladderhead

Where to start.
Long story Short.
Well. My problems first started afer a ladder smacked me on the base of the skull at work going about 50 mph. Concussion was diagnosis.MRIs and CTs reavealed nothing obviouse bleeding wise,3 months of weekly visits and I was released/pushed to work. Thing was, if I tilted my head back I got dizzy spells, confusion, headaches,tinnitus, vision distubances and my tounge went numb. Like the old joke ,the doctor said ,"if it hurts....Don't do that!"

Another intersting thing has been cronic infections on neck back and groin. Again a symptom occuring after the trauma.My workmans comp doctor wouldnt treat me for this as it wasn't related to the injury.My last Primary MD has had me on antibiotics ever since.

So... two years of down hill. After any neck extensions at work ( I'm a painter)Random edemas pop up all over left side of skull, in and around orbits and base of skull. Headaches and vison disturbences. They last two days to a week. Initially I thought I could have whacked my head again and didn't remember or was bit by a bug. Now its been connect the dots.Memorey has been an issue as well. These have all been increasing in frequency and severity.

Recently I discovered 2 masses in my parodid gland.FNA read benign.I fly to Oahu in two weeks for surgury. My last primary MD saw no corelation to the initial trauma and present symptoms,but my new Primary MD is exploring this "Lymphedema" possibility.

The E.N.T. though dosen't see the corralation between the masses and seemingly random lateral facial swelling.His focus is E.N.T.,"Go see eye Doctor!","You have foot problem, go see foot doctor", all in a crazy Chinese/Pid jen accent.I should mention I am in rural hawaii and my ENT flys in 2x a month and our community hospital has pages of state health violations. I finally qualified for medicade as I am now financially destitue. Everything up to 3 days ago was out of pocket(s).Magically, I am reciveing a better degree of service.

Reasearch has been trying as I feel a bit like Fred Sanford attempting to read a letter.Vision in the left eye is deteriorating. All roads seem to lead here.

Hopefully I kept this short and sweet. Your thought and sugestions or questions would be great. My new Doctor seems sincere and is really pushing to get to the bottom of this. Any help would be a god send.







Super welcome to our family here!!!

I commend your primary doc for considering lymphedema. There can be and is a link between trauma injury and this condition. We have members who have lymphedema from broken bones, auto accident, sunburn...all types of conditions that effected their lymphatics.

Let me suggest some pages that may help with info:

Causes of Lymphedema ... .php?t=316

Neck Lymphedema ... e_neck.htm

Lymphedema of the Head ... .php?t=315

Edema of the Face ... e_face.htm

Start with these and if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

Be looking forward to hearing from you.

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