Do I have some form of lymphedema?

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Do I have some form of lymphedema?

Postby jenzie » Wed Dec 06, 2006 6:34 pm

On November 7 I had breast cancer surgery on my right breast, with one lymph node removed. At the same time I had a fybroidenoma removed from my left breast.

Last week I had some pain under my left breast. If I stretch, I can feel two thick "cords" running from the scar down into my abdomen. The area is quite sore. My general GP did not know what the problem/cause was, after consulting with my Specialist she was told that it was swelling in the lymphatic vessels and quite common after breast surgery. I have been advised to take an aspirin daily and this should help it settle.

I had read the literature detailing lymphedema in the arm on the side where lymph nodes were removed. However I did not expect any problems on the other side.

Has anyone else experienced anything similar and if so how long did it take to settle? Could this be classified as a mild case of lymphedema?

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Postby silkie » Thu Dec 07, 2006 12:27 am

Hi Jeni

I am honestly not certain what is happening
lymphedema is not something that is mild if it is lymph you need
proffesional help ie a therapist even if it is stage one that is the only stage reversable.

I am in the UK so things are a little different over here but
there is usually a lymphedema clinic or nurse at your breast clinic you can contact and speak to the mcmillan nurses here are really helpful

With your surgery being so recent do you still have followup appointments with your specialist? or his department?
I think i would be ringing and talking to them.

Sorry I cannot be of further help
i will go and so some searching see if there is anything out there i can find

and hopefully someone will know a little more than me

please let us know how you are getting on i'll post if i find anything i think might be of some help to you

Hugssssssss Silksxxxxxxxxxx
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