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Lymphedema People

An information portal created for, and by, people with the medical condition Lymphedema.

Site Overview

Forums - Real people, real answers, real community.

Our home page.

Wiki - Where you are now. ;-)

Sitemap Directory of All Wiki Lymphedema Articles

Some places to start with Wiki:

Did you know? There are over 340 lymphedema related articles in the Directory of Lymphedema Articles on HTML Pages, just for people with Lymphedema.

Index of Lymphedema People Resources

From a basic Web site on lymphedema, our outreach has continued to expand to where we now offer a full range of support groups, blogs, and glossaries on all types of lymphatic conditions.

Index of Resources:

Lymphedema People Forums - This page has a description of each forum with a direct link on it to each individual forum.

Lymphedema People Online Support Groups

Lymphedema People Blogs

Lymphedema People Glossaries

New Articles and Updates

In our section, New Articles and Updates, we will list new articles and updates to existing pages on our Lymphedema People Wiki.

Of course, there are also many articles not yet included in wiki.

Our Mission:

  • To provide lymphedema information to the people it affects.
  • To inform them about the condition, its causes, complications, and treatments.
  • To share the knowledge that life does not end with lymphedema; there is hope. :-P
  • To share a life with lymphedema that is rich, fulfilling, and very rewarding.
  • We are not selling any products, endorsing any company or, in any way, a commercial enterprise.

Important Disclaimer

Please read carefully…

We are not medical professionals. We are people sharing lifetimes of experience with this condition. Information contained on this Web site is not meant to replace treatment and consultation from doctors and therapists. The medical community is very important to us in overcoming lymphedema. We strongly urge you to involve the medical community in your personal treatment program.

All advertising on this site is provided by Google to defray the cost of operating this site. As all advertisements shown on this site are provided by a third party, you should in no way infer any endorsement, acknowledgement, or other connection between this site and said advertisements.

Please refer to our legal stuff for more information.

Personal Introductions

A few words from the people who make this site possible…


Hello, my name is Pat O'Connor, I was born in 1952 with active primary lymphedema, milroys_disease… …let our journey begin.

This article will give you a wee bit of information on My Life with Lymphedema and Lymphoma.

This article focuses just on the lymphedema My Life With Lymphedema.

  • admin at lymphedemapeople dot com


Hi ya! Brad Clevenger here; resident technical expert and (generally) silent partner. I sincerely hope that we are able to provide the information, guidance, and community that you seek.

  • omno at omno dot org
  • admin at lymphedemapeople dot com

A Very Special Personal Dedication

The very first person I ever knew with lymphedema, other than myself, was my own grandmother.

Marion Ada Norman Hammock


Born and raised in southern Georgia in the Moultrie/Norman Park area, she had stage three lymphedema in her left leg.

Back in those days, her condition was referred to as “milk leg,” and she never received any treatment, help, or even support. Despite that, she was a loving and caring mom who lost several children in childbirth, including a set of twins, but raised nine other children. How I wish the same help that we have today would have been available to her back then. She passed away just shy of her 80th birthday and it wasn't from lymphedema.

This is to you grandma, I love you and still often think of you.


How You Can Help...

Become a member of our family! Participate in the forums! … Really! :-D

Editorial Board

Members of the Editorial Board are our volunteers who have helped set up, will maintain, or do new articles for us.

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