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 +====== Albuminuria ======
 +More than the normal amount of [[albumin]] in the urine. Albumin is the predominant protein in human blood and it is the key to the regulation of the [[osmotic pressure]] of [[blood]]. ​
 +It is normal to have some albumin in urine. But too much albumin indicates that protein is leaking through the kidney. Albuminuria can mean many things. For example, albuminuria may be a sign of significant [[kidney]] disease or it may simply be a sequel of vigorous exercise. Albuminuria is a form of proteinuria.
 +===== Bambergers albuminuria =====
 +An obsolete term for haematogenous albuminuria that is sometimes observed during the later phases of advanced anaemia.  ​
 +===== Microalbuminuria =====
 +1. Generally, a subtle increase in the urinary excretion of the [[protein]] albumin that cannot be detected by a conventional assay. In diabetes, microalbuminuria is an early sign of diabetic kidney disease.
 +2. Specifically,​ the excretion of greater than 30 mg and less than 300 mg a day of albumin in the urine. The normal urinary albumin is less than 30 mg per 24 hours and 300 mg or more of urinary albumin per day is considered gross albuminuria.
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