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 +Plural of antibody.
 +An [[immunoglobulin]] [[molecule]] that has a specific [[amino acid]] sequence by virtue of which it interacts only with the [[antigen]] that induced its synthesis in cells of the [[lymphoid]] series (especially plasma cells) or with antigen closely related to it. antibodies are classified according to their ode of action as [[agglutinins]],​ [[bacteriolysins]],​ [[haemolysins]],​ [[opsonins]],​ [[precipitins]],​ etc. Any of a large variety of proteins normally present in the body or produced in response to an antigen which it neutralizes,​ thus producing an [[immune response]]. Antibodies are produced as a means of secondary defense against foreign agents entering the body. They consist of a [[protein]] and are structured and coded to react to a specific antigen. antibodies can either be produced by direct exposure to a new type of foreign agent ([[active immunity]]) or via [[passive immunity]], such as when a mammal sibling receives antibodies via the milk from its mother. ​
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