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 +A type of [[glossary:​white blood cells|white blood cell]] and, specifically,​ a type of lymphocyte. ​
 +Many B cells mature into what are called [[plasma]] cells that produce antibodies ([[protein]]s) necessary to fight off [[infection]]s while other B cells mature into memory B cells. ​
 +All of the plasma cells descended from a single B cell produce the same antibody which is directed against the [[antigen]] that stimulated it to mature. The same principle holds with memory B cells. Thus, all of the plasma cells and memory cells "​remember"​ the stimulus that led to their formation. ​
 +The maturation of B cells takes place in birds in an organ called the bursa of Fabricus. B cells in mammals mature largely in the [[bone marrow]]. ​
 +The B cell, or B [[lymphocyte]],​ is thus an immunologically important cell. It is not [[thymus]]-dependent,​ has a short lifespan, and is responsible for the production of [[immunoglobulins]]. It expresses immunoglobulins on its surface.
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