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 +(1) The medical term is "​[[septicemia]]."​ No matter which of these two terms-blood poisoning or septicemia-you prefer, what is meant is the same thing, namely a "​general (systemic) [[disease]] that is due to the presence and the persistence of germs (pathogenic microorganisms) or their toxins in the [[bloodstream]]."​ The "​germs"​ can be [[bacteria]] (in bacteremia) or any other microscopic agent of [[infection]] capable of causing disease in humans. Another term that is very closely related to "blood poisoning"​ and "​septicemia"​ is "​[[sepsis]]."​ "​Sepsis"​ also refers to the presence and persistence of germs or their toxins in the blood but those germs or toxins do not need to be in the [[blood]]. They may be in other [[tissue]]s of the body. Blood poisoning/​septicemia and sepsis are often serious. They can sometimes be life threatening diseases calling for urgent and comprehensive care.
 +Common Misspellings:​ blood poisioning, blod poisoning, blod poisioning ​
 +(2) "Blood poisoning"​ is not a medical term. As the term is usually used, it refers to the effects of bacteria in the blood (bacteremia) — and not a poisonous substance in the [[blood]]. So "blood poisoning"​ is really a misnomer. ​
 +[[Bacteria]] may enter the blood through a wound or [[infection]] or during a medical or dental procedure or injection. Signs and symptoms of bacteremia may include: ​
 +Sudden, high fever 
 +Chills ​
 +Rapid heart rate 
 +Nausea, vomiting or abdominal pain 
 +Appearing or feeling seriously ill
 +A diagnosis of bacteremia is usually confirmed by a [[blood culture]]. Bacteremia is a serious illness that requires prompt medical attention. Treatment requires hospitalization and includes intravenous [[antibiotics]]. Without prompt treatment, bacteremia can quickly progress to severe sepsis, which is a life-threatening condition. ​
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