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 +Bubonic plague: The most common form of the plague, named for the characteristic buboes -- buboes are enlarged lymph nodes ("​[[swollen glands]]"​) -- in the groin which are usually very tender and painful. [[Lymph nodes]] may be similarly affected elsewhere such as in the armpits and neck. Common but less specific features of the [[disease]] include headache, fever, chills, and weakness. ​
 +The bubonic plague is caused by [[bacteria]] called Yersinia pestis. The [[bacteria]] are transmitted from infected rats to the oriental rat flea to people. (The rats are a "​reservoir"​ for the disease. The fleas are the "​vectors"​ that carry the bacteria from the rat reservoir to the human host.) ​
 +The bubonic plague caused the "black death" (the black plague) characterized by gangrene of the fingers, toes, and nose. 
 +See the Plague.
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