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 +CGD is an X-linked [[genetic]] [[disease]],​ meaning the defective gene is carried on the X [[chromosome]] (one of the sex chromosomes). Females have two copies of the X chromosome, whereas males have one X and one Y. CGD also is a recessive defect meaning that both copies of the chromosome must have the defect before it can be expressed. Females who have one X chromosome without the defect do not get this disease. Males, since they only have one X chromosome, get the disease if the defect is present. Thus, CGD affects mostly males.
 +CGD is an immunodeficiency disorder. Patients with immunodeficiency disorders suffer frequent [[infection]]s. This happens because part of their [[immune system]] isn't working properly and the infectious microorganisms are not killed as rapidly as is normal. In CGD there is a defect in the ability of the [[white blood cells]] to kill [[bacteria]] and [[glossary:​fungus|fungi]]. The white blood cells affected are phagocytic cells. They are part of the non-specific immune system and move via the blood to all parts of the body where they ingest and destroy [[microbe]]s. Phagocytic cells are the first line of defense against [[microorganism]]s. In this disease, the decreased ability to kill microbes that they have ingested leads to a failure to effectively combat infectious diseases. Patients with CGD are subject to certain types of recurring [[infection]],​ especially those of the [[skin]], lungs, mouth, nose, intestines, and lymph nodes. With the exception of the lymph nodes, all of these areas are considered external [[tissue]]s that come into contact with microorganisms from the environment. The [[lymph system]] drains all areas of the body to eliminate destroyed microorganisms and to assist the immune system in attacking microorganisms. Infections occur in the [[lymph nodes]] as a consequence of the normal draining function.
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