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 +(1) Embolus: Something that travels through the [[bloodstream]],​ lodges in a [[blood vessel]] and blocks it. Examples of emboli are a detached [[blood clot]], a clump of [[bacteria]],​ and foreign material such as air. 
 +A pulmonary embolus is a blood clot that has been carried through the [[blood]] into the pulmonary [[artery]] (the main blood vessel from the heart to the [[lung]]) or one of its branches, plugging that vessel. ​
 +The word "​embolus"​ comes from the Greek "​embolos"​ meaning a wedge or plug. "​Embolos"​ was derived from "​en"​ (in) + "​ballein"​ (to throw) so an embolus is something thrown in.
 +(2) embolus /​em·bo·lus/​ (em´bo-lus) pl. em´boli ​  [L.] a mass of clotted [[blood]] or other material brought by the blood from one vessel and forced into a smaller one, obstructing the circulation.
 +**fat embolus** - one composed of oil or fat.
 +**fibrocartilaginous embolus** - Also referred to as fibrocartilaginous embolic myelopathy. ​
 +1. any functional disturbance and/or pathological change in the spinal cord; often used to denote nonspecific lesions, as opposed to myelitis. ​
 +2. pathological bone marrow changes.myelopath´ic
 +**riding embolus** - saddle embolus, straddling embolus one at the bifurcation of an [[artery]], blocking both branches.
 +**saddle embolus** - one situated at the bifurcation of a large [[artery]], usually the terminal [[aorta]], blocking both branches. See also saddle thrombus.
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