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 +Plural of fungus.
 +A group of organisms traditionally included among the plants, but now considered so distinct as to constitute a separate kingdom of their own. Mushrooms are the best known fungi. They are not included in the catalog.
 +A single-celled or multicellular organism. Fungi can be true [[pathogens]] (such as histoplasmosis and coccidioidomycosis) that cause infections in healthy persons or they can be opportunistic pathogens (such as aspergillosis,​ candidiasis,​ and cryptococcosis) that cause infections in immunocompromised persons (including cancer patients, transplant recipients, and persons with AIDS). An example of a common [[fungus]] is the yeast organism which causes thrush and diaper rash (diaper dermatitis). Fungi are also used for the development of [[antibiotic]]s,​ antitoxins, and other drugs used to control various human diseases. ​
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