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 +(1) A type of [[cancer]] that begins in the [[cell]]s that line [[blood vessels]]. It is a blood-fed [[sarcoma]];​ that is, [[blood vessels]] grow directly into the [[tumor]] and it is typically filled with [[blood]].
 +(2) A rare [[malignant]] neoplasm characterized by rapidly proliferating,​ extensively infiltrating,​ anaplastic cells derived from blood vessels and lining irregular blood-filled or lumpy spaces.
 +Also known as malignant hemangiothelioma or [[angiosarcoma]],​ is a [[malignant]] [[neoplasm]] that arises from vascular [[endothelial]] cells. ​
 +ICD-9 155 "155 is a non-specific code that cannot be used to specify a diagnosis"​
 +"155.0 is a specific code that can be used to specify a diagnosis"​
 +"155.0 contains 28 index entries"​
 +Compare with:
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