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 +Idiopathic edema is a pitting [[:edema]] of unknown cause that occurs primarily in pre-menopausal women who do not have evidence of [[heart]], [[liver]], or[[ kidney]] disease. In this condition, the fluid retention at first may be seen primarily pre-menstrually (just prior to menstruation),​ which is why it sometimes is called "​cyclical"​ edema. However, it can become a more constant and severe problem. ​
 +Patients with idiopathic edema often take diuretics to decrease the edema in order to lessen the discomfort of bloating and [[swelling]]. Paradoxically,​ however, the edema in this condition can become more of a problem after the use of [[diuretic]]s. The patients can develop fluid retention as a rebound phenomenon each time they discontinue diuretics. It is important to talk to your doctor before using any diuretics.
 +Patients with idiopathic edema appear to have a leak in the capillaries (tiny peripheral blood vessels that connect the arteries with the [[vein]]s) so that fluid passes from the [[blood vessels]] into the surrounding interstitial space. Thus, a patient with idiopathic edema has a decreased [[blood volume]], which leads to the typical reaction of salt retention by the kidneys. ​
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