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 +<​nephrology>​ A disorder of the [[kidneys]] which largely affects the [[glomerulus]]. This disorder is one common cause of [[http://​​thesite/​edema_nephrotic_syndrome.htm|nephrotic syndrome]] in children affecting 2-3 children per 100,000 population under age 16 in the USA. [[Minimal change disease]] is also seen rarely in adults. The cause is unknown but may be related to an [[autoimmune disease]] or illness. Risk factors include a history for a immune disorder, recent immunisation or a bee sting. ​
 +Diagnosis is made by renal [[biopsy]]. Treatment include systemic [[corticosteroids]] which are usually quite effective in curing this disease. Other medications include chlorambucil and cyclophosphamide. In most cases, a moderate protein diet (1 gram [[protein]] per Kg body weight per day) will be recommended. Salt (sodium) restriction can be helpful to reduce [[swelling]] and [[vitamin D]] is usually supplemented. ​
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