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 +(1) In [[surgery]],​ percutaneous pertains to any medical procedure where access to inner organs or other [[tissue]] is done via needle-puncture of the [[skin]], rather than by using an "​open"​ approach where inner organs or tissue are exposed (typically with the use of a scalpel).
 +(2) (Science: technique) Performed through the [[skin]], as injection of radiopacque material in radiological examination or the removal of tissue for [[biopsy]] accomplished by a needle. ​
 +Origin: L. Cutis = skin 
 +The percutaneous approach is commonly used in vascular procedures. This involves a needle [[catheter]] getting access to a [[blood vessel]], followed by the introduction of a wire through the lumen of the needle. It is over this wire that other catheters can be placed into the blood vessel. This technique is known as the modified Seldinger technique.
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