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 +====== Plasma: ======
 + The straw-colored liquid portion of the [[blood]] that carries nutrients, hormones, and waste products to and from the [[cell]]s. The non-cellular liquid component of un-clotted whole Blood. [[Plasma]] is the liquid medium in which the formed elements of Blood are suspended and comprises the major portion of whole Blood. Plasma is composed of 92% water, 7% [[protein]] and 1% minerals, containing 6.5-8.0 grams of [[protein]] per deciliter of Blood. The main proteins in plasma are: albumin (60%), globulins (alpha-1, alpha-2, beta and gamma globulins ([[immunoglobulin]]s) and clotting proteins (especially fibrinogen). These [[protein]]s function to maintain [[oncotic pressure]] (especially [[albumin]]),​ transport substances such as lipids, [[hormone]]s,​ medications,​ [[vitamin]]s,​ and other [[nutrient]]s. These proteins are also part of the [[immune system]] (immunoglobulins),​ help Blood to clot (clotting factors), maintain pH balance, and are enzymes in chemical reactions throughout the body. Plasma is used to treat clotting disorders, burn victims and shock.
 +See also:
 +* [[http://​​phpBB2/​viewtopic.php?​t=1080|Blood Glossary]] ​
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