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 +The lowest great division of the animal kingdom. These animals are composed of a gelatinous material, and show scarcely any trace of distinct organs. The Infusoria, Foraminifera,​ and sponges, with some other forms, belong to this division.
 +Science: organism) A very diverse group comprising some 50,000 eukaryotic organisms that consist of one cell. Because most of them are motile and heterotrophic,​ the protozoa were originally regarded as a phylum of the animal kingdom. ​
 +However it is now clear that they have only one common characteristic,​ they are not multi cellular and protozoa are now usually classed as a Sub kingdom of the Kingdom protista. On this classification the Protozoa are grouped into several phyla, the main ones being the sarcomastigophora (flagellates,​ heliozoans and amoeboid like protozoa), the ciliophora (ciliates) and the apicomplexa (sporozoan parasites such as plasmodium). ​
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