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 +A disease of connective [[tissue]] with the formation of scar tissue ([[fibrosis]]) in the [[skin]] and sometimes also in other organs of the body. 
 +Scleroderma is classified into diffuse and limited forms. The CREST syndrome is a limited form of scleroderma. CREST stands for: 
 +C ... Calcinosis (the formation of tiny deposits of calcium in the skin), ​
 +R ... Raynaud phenomenon (spasm of the tiny artery vessels supplying [[blood]] to the fingers, toes, nose, tongue, or ears), ​
 +E ... Esophagus (esophageal involvement by the scleroderma), ​
 +S ... Sclerodactyly (localized thickening and tightness of the skin of the fingers or toes) and 
 +T ... Telangiectasias (dilated capillaries that form tiny red areas, frequently on the face, hands and in the mouth behind the lips).
 +The cause of scleroderma is not known. There is some evidence that genes are important factors. This means that inheritance at least play a partial role in causing the [[disease]]. It is not unusual to find other [[autoimmune]] diseases in families of scleroderma patients. The disease is more frequent in females than in males. ​
 +People with scleroderma can have antibodies in their [[blood]] reflecting autoimmunity (in which the [[immune system]] attacks the skin and other parts of the body). ​
 +The treatment of scleroderma is directed toward the individual feature that are most troubling.
 +Common Misspellings:​ schleroderma,​ scleraderma ​
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