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 +====== Thymus: ======
 + ​Lymphoid gland that functions in cell mediated [[immunity]]. The site where [[white blood cells]] develop.
 +Overlying the [[heart]], the twin lobed thymus consists largely of developing [[lymphocytes]]. The thymus gland influences the activities of lymphoctyes in the [[spleen]] and [[lymph glands]]. The thymus produces a hormone which stimulates [[antibody]] production in the [[lymphoid tissue]]. [[Lymph]] carries white blood cells to this organ, where they multiply and change into special [[infection]]-fighting cells. After puberty, the thymus begins to shrink in size. Its role in the early years of life is not fully understood. It is believed it is important in the development of immunity. ​
 +{{glossary:​thymus_1.jpg|}} {{glossary:​thymus_2.jpg|}}
 +===== See also: =====
 +   * Thymus Gland
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