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 +Tuberculosis (TB) is an infectious [[disease]] caused by [[bacteria]] whose scientific name is Mycobacterium tuberculosis. TB most commonly affects the [[lung]]s but also can involve almost any organ of the body. Many years ago, this disease used to be called "​consumption"​ because without effective treatment, these patients often would waste away. Today, of course, tuberculosis usually can be treated successfully with [[http://​​thesite/​lymphedema_antibiotics.htm|antibiotics]].
 +There is also a group of organisms referred to as atypical tuberculosis. These involve other types of -[[bacteria]] that are in the Mycobacterium family. Often, these organisms do not cause disease and are referred to a "​colonizers,"​ because they simply live alongside other [[bacteria]] in our bodies without causing damage. At times, these bacteria can cause an [[infection]] that sometimes appears as typical tuberculosis.
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