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 +(1) Venous stasis refers to loss of proper function of the [[vein]]s in the legs that would normally carry [[blood]] back toward the [[heart]]. This may occur following injury to the veins, which can result in [[blood clot]]s in the superficial veins known as superficial [[phlebitis]],​ or following blood clots in the deep veins known as [[http://​​thesite/​lymphedema_deep_venous_thrombosis.htm|deep venous thrombosis]]. Swelling in the lower legs and ankle can also occur as a result of heart disease called Chronic Congestive [[Heart Failure]] and due to [[kidney]] disease. In some instances the cause of the swelling may not be easily identified.
 +**Venous Stasis Disease** – also known as [[http://​​thesite/​edema_chronic_venous_insufficiency.htm|chronic venous insufficiency]],​ a condition in which faulty venous valves allow [[blood]] to collect in the lower leg
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