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 +An uncommon type of [[inflammation]] of small arteries and veins (vasculitis) that classically involves the vessels supplying the tissues of the lungs, nasal passages (sinuses), and kidneys.
 +Wegener'​s granulomatosis usually affects young or middle-aged adults.
 +Symptoms include fatigue, weight loss, fever, shortness of breath, bloody sputum, joint pains, and sinus inflammation,​ sometimes with nasal ulcerations and bloody nasal discharge.
 +The diagnosis of Wegener'​s granulomatosis is confirmed by finding evidence of vasculitis and abnormal cellular formations called granulomas on [[biopsy]] of [[tissue]] involved by the [[inflammatory]] process.
 +Wegener'​s granulomatosis is a serious [[disease]]. Without treatment, it can be fatal within months. Treatment is directed toward stopping the inflammation process by suppressing the [[immune system]].
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